Meet Nicholas

2017-05-12 Mt. Bonnell w- Nicholas-136-2

I took my son to Mt. Bonnell today with pause. It’s touristy, I know. BUT, it was a very purposeful trip. I wanted to 1) enjoy the beautiful weather with him and let him play with my digital mirrorless camera 2) see what it felt like to lug around my new Peak Design Everyday Backpack, packed to the brim with what felt like 30 lbs of my gear. He enjoyed the heck out of our day and didn’t care that it was touristy, and I came home with the realization that I need a better strap for my camera!

When we got to the top, he struck this pose. The nature of his pose and the striking blues and greens in the photo led me to give processing it in infrared a try. I always like to give this a go with my more colorful pictures that have interesting context. It’s fun to play around with the settings in Lightroom to achieve the color and contrast I want to achieve. Not all photographs transition into infrared well, but after a lot of trial and error, I can pretty much tell right of the bat if I’m going to achieve something interesting – in a good way. Or it could be that I’M the only one who finds it interesting, which is totally okay by me:-)

Do you play around with infrared? I’d love to hear about your tips and techniques and see your photos. Drop me a line and let’s connect! Let Love In, C

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